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Learn Spanish Today, Use it Today!

If you want to quickly and easily improve communication with Spanish speaking co-workers or clients, improve your chances of getting a job, excel in your current job, get more clients or make more money, you've come to the right place!

Knowing Spanish is an asset for any job. There are 500 million Spanish-speakers in the world and over 35 million in the US. There's no doubt that learning Spanish will help you to reach your career goals in any industry!

How can KAMMS' Spanish on the Job help?
We know that there's no need to devote years studying Spanish in order to immediately improve communication at work. All you need to know is the essential short and simple phrases that are most encountered in a specific job or profession.

With KAMMS convenient audio and workbook programs you will quickly and easily learn the Spanish you need for work. And don't worry; we won't bog you down with needless grammar lessons. The programs are non-grammar based and do not require any prior knowledge of Spanish.

Please choose from the programs to the left to see detailed descriptions, hear audio samples and see sample workbook pages*. (*only for available workbooks)

Thank you for visiting KAMMS' Spanish on the Job! We wish you great success on your language learning journey!

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